1 November 2012

Working with a book

To start the project I went browsing in my local Bric-a-brac store, they have a lot of old books. I found a copy of The Sleeping Beauty which was illustrated with paper cuttings/silhouette, this offered lots of interesting possibilities to me.
I wanted to alter the book and give it a new life. I looked and I read, and eventually I started cutting into the book in a way the characters began to jump out of the pages whilst still leaving the book intact. I found it really absorbing after the first hesitant cuts.
I made a small hanging to complement the book where I incorporated some roses cut from the book, which also depicted the main characters in the story.
The project was fun, absorbing and satisfying. It came to a natural conclusion, and at this point I am not sure what next. What I did learn was that I enjoy working with books and would like to explore it further.