24 September 2010

Triangle experiments - 3

The 3D triangle experiment came to a bit of a halt while I worked out how to keep the triangles upright. I had the bright idea of using springs - in sort of a mini toast rack effect - to work as "feet". However, I needed time to go find out where I could get any. After a bit of a search I remembered the ironmongers in Great Hollands that has everything...including a few bags of random springs. A rummage produced these which work nicely.
These are just stuck in, but they do what I want them to do. I will make sure they are evenly spaced and stitch them on.
Now that I know they will stand up, I can go ahead and do the suspension bridge cords to join them. I can also go ahead and do some embellishment...although I am growing fond of them just as they are.
I will probably be a bit more restrained than usual...if you can believe that.

As Merete commented earlier,
I had thought to use triangles as feet, but the engineering and product testing time is a bit hard to come by at present. This was simple and effective and won't distract from the triangles themselves.

14 September 2010

Triangle experiments - 2

Covering the triangles developed something like this:
... trying to think what fabric to make it up in, somehow I thought I would really like to do it in black and white...and then I thought I would like it a bit black on white and white on black. Recently I took a Masterclass with Rayna Gillman about screen printing on fabric. So, I had a go and came up with some prints I really liked.

now what to make the triangles from?
I thought to use something stiff like pelmet vilene, but I only had scraps. Then I started looking around and thought about some scraps of wool I had felted to see what would happen. but being brown and not having very much, I doubt I will ever use it. It was a bit floppy, so I discovered some fusible interfacing I got for craft uses. I fused some to the front and back, and it became even more stable than the pelmet vilene. I cut triangles from it and some more from the vilene, which I might do a bit more with.
Then I fused one side with black Misty Fuse and the other with white.

I selected areas of the fabrics I thought would look best on each triangle and fused them.

I am actually liking this arrangement for another idea! So, I have prepared more of the interfacing sandwiches to do something further at another time.

4 September 2010

Triangle experiments

I finally got to start exploring my 3D piece. Here are a few experiments with paper.
Some with points joined, some joined to make a centre triangle. and both of these pieces placed so that you can interact with the piece behind or in front.

and then several of varying sized spaced in a similar way to a suspension bridge. I envision cord connecting them like a bridge.

I think I am leaning toward the latter idea. The thought is rather like travelling between meeting points.
All the pencil lines are from failed attempts at drawing equilateral triangles!
Maths is not my strong point.
I have laid them out on my cutting mat to see how much fabric it needs. The next step is deciding what they will look like. a bit different to 2D, as both sides will show.