9 February 2010


I am often drawn to words. Coming from another English speaking country, I am fascinated by the differences in the words; how they are spelled, what they mean and so on. Words are formed of letters and then they themselves are formed together to create languages. I decided to focus on this aspect for my Zoom series beginning in the middle with Words, zooming out to Languages and then back in again to Letter.

A1 - Letter
A3 - Language

A5 - Words
Each piece has a definition included as part of the texture and visual image of the work.
"A Letter is an element in an alphabetic system."
"Language is a dynamic set of sensory symbols of communication and the elements used to manipulate them."
"A Word is a spoken or written unit of language that carries meaning."
I often use unusual materials to create the look I want to achieve. In this series, there are recycled materials, rusted fabrics, paper, paint, gel pen, along with cotton, silk and metallic fabrics.

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