2 August 2010

Meeting Points

Our group has talked about working in 3-D for a while. This can be quite challenging, I certainly find it difficult to visualise how flat shapes act together and become three dimensional forms. Our challenge was to incorporate equilateral triangles somewhere in the design and the theme was 'meeting points'.

I started exploring the theme and very quickly 'meeting points' and triangless became interlinked. The geometry of triangles imposed itself, the logical principles just surfaced and I just couldn't get away from them. My work had to be based on the triangle itself.

I then chanced upon an article about the sculpturer Anthony Gormley. In this he mentioned a geometrical principle that "If you trisect a triangle's angles internally, the intersections provide the vertices of a smaller triangel. Whatever the original shape the smaller triangle will always be equilateral. It shows the relationship of the random to the absolute". Once I got my head around what that really means, I was carried off with the beauty of the patterns that emerged. So from higher level mathematics to creating with textiles! So maybe patchwork with its underlying patterns and logic is my natural home?!

Here is my 3-D journey - 'Whichever angle you choose...'

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