24 September 2010

Triangle experiments - 3

The 3D triangle experiment came to a bit of a halt while I worked out how to keep the triangles upright. I had the bright idea of using springs - in sort of a mini toast rack effect - to work as "feet". However, I needed time to go find out where I could get any. After a bit of a search I remembered the ironmongers in Great Hollands that has everything...including a few bags of random springs. A rummage produced these which work nicely.
These are just stuck in, but they do what I want them to do. I will make sure they are evenly spaced and stitch them on.
Now that I know they will stand up, I can go ahead and do the suspension bridge cords to join them. I can also go ahead and do some embellishment...although I am growing fond of them just as they are.
I will probably be a bit more restrained than usual...if you can believe that.

As Merete commented earlier,
I had thought to use triangles as feet, but the engineering and product testing time is a bit hard to come by at present. This was simple and effective and won't distract from the triangles themselves.

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