14 September 2010

Triangle experiments - 2

Covering the triangles developed something like this:
... trying to think what fabric to make it up in, somehow I thought I would really like to do it in black and white...and then I thought I would like it a bit black on white and white on black. Recently I took a Masterclass with Rayna Gillman about screen printing on fabric. So, I had a go and came up with some prints I really liked.

now what to make the triangles from?
I thought to use something stiff like pelmet vilene, but I only had scraps. Then I started looking around and thought about some scraps of wool I had felted to see what would happen. but being brown and not having very much, I doubt I will ever use it. It was a bit floppy, so I discovered some fusible interfacing I got for craft uses. I fused some to the front and back, and it became even more stable than the pelmet vilene. I cut triangles from it and some more from the vilene, which I might do a bit more with.
Then I fused one side with black Misty Fuse and the other with white.

I selected areas of the fabrics I thought would look best on each triangle and fused them.

I am actually liking this arrangement for another idea! So, I have prepared more of the interfacing sandwiches to do something further at another time.

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Merete said...

Hi Sandy

I really like your black and white and white and black triangles. I found that the equilateral triangles told me to go for simple and clean lines like you have.
I went through much of the same decision making process about the material to use - first all the heartache about what to do, then all the heartache about how...