4 September 2010

Triangle experiments

I finally got to start exploring my 3D piece. Here are a few experiments with paper.
Some with points joined, some joined to make a centre triangle. and both of these pieces placed so that you can interact with the piece behind or in front.

and then several of varying sized spaced in a similar way to a suspension bridge. I envision cord connecting them like a bridge.

I think I am leaning toward the latter idea. The thought is rather like travelling between meeting points.
All the pencil lines are from failed attempts at drawing equilateral triangles!
Maths is not my strong point.
I have laid them out on my cutting mat to see how much fabric it needs. The next step is deciding what they will look like. a bit different to 2D, as both sides will show.

1 comment:

Merete said...

I like the way you use triangles to make the triangles stand up. There is just something about triangles... they have a mind of their own like no other shape.